Pet Services

IRIS ON THE GO loves pets!


IRIS ON THE GO - Errands Services and More is here to serve you. I love your pets and want them to be properly cared for. However, there are times that work or life situations get in the way, and you may need an extra hand. Perhaps you know you will be away, or just can't get home in time to ensure your pet(s) health and safety.


I provide a 30-minute free consultation to meet with you and your pets.

  • Pet visits to provide stimulation, food and water; walk or let out and monitored in a fenced-in yard.

  • Two visits per day minimum, unless owner is available to cover a.m. or p.m. care

  • Medication administration. *No injections

  • Trips to the pet store for food or other pet items as directed by owner

  • Visits to the Vet for check-ups, pet medicines

Included Services

Special Considerations

While your errand professional loves animals, there are times when personal safety may be a concern and IRIS ON THE GO would have to respectfully decline assistance.

Please keep the following in mind before requesting services:

  • Does your pet have a history of aggressive behavior towards humans or other animals?

  • Does your pet have a history of biting?

  • Is your pet an 'escape artist,' with a history of getting out of a yard, crate, cage or off a leash?

  • Is your pet afraid of people they are not familiar with?


If your pet has exhibited any of the above traits, your pet cannot be considered for pet care.

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